Need Drivers?

A brief history

Work Partner Service is a Polish initiative of a few specialists from different branches of the transport industry and HR management. They have a wide experience gained in specialist employment agencies for professional drivers such as ADR Network in England and transport companies in Europe. We provide you with modern and functional trends of HR management sector and personnel systems of professional drivers in national and international traffic, which has been operating fully satisfactory in numerous Western European transport companies. We are aware of inevitable changes in TSL sector and HR management and that is why we meet those challenges of the future.

System and principles of cooperation

Every transport company is characterized by different specificity and needs. Therefore, it is our task to select a suitable driver for you. The recruited driver is an employee of Work Partner Service, which provides you with comprehensive calculations of work time as well as minimum wages in the EU countries. We handle driver's work in a continuous mode through the entire duration of the agreement. Having signed the agreement with the shipping company and having defined detailed needs concerning the drivers, we agree upon the preparation period of new drivers, which usually lasts from a few days to a few weeks. It depends on the availability of the workers and previously determined number of required drivers. We prefer a full coverage in a continuous mode of trucks (the rotation system).

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Payment methods

We offer a transparent payment method via monthly invoice, which allows you to save the possible hassle connected with HR management. If you happen to have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us. We prefer to meet with our clients in person in order to familiarize ourselves with the firm's specificity and to agree upon the conditions of the potential cooperation. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
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